Important Medical Abbreviations

*Some Important Medical Abbreviations *

Rx = Treatment
Hx = History
Dx = Diagnosis
q = Every
qd = Every day
qod = Every other day
qh = Every Hour
S = without
SS = One & half
C = With
SOS = If needed
AC = Before Meals
PC = After meals
BID = Twice a Day
TID = Thrice a Day
QID = Four times a day
OD = Once a Day
BT = Bed Time
hs = Bed Time
BBF = Before Breakfast
BD = Before Dinner
Tw = Twice a week
SQ = sub cutaneous
IM = Intramuscular
ID = Intradermal
IV = Intravenous
Q4H = (every 4 hours)
QOD = (every other day)
HS = (at bedtime)
PRN = (as needed)
PO or “per os” (by mouth)
Mg = (milligrams)
Mcg/ug = (micrograms)
G or Gm = (grams)
1TSF (Teaspoon) = 5 ml
1 Tablespoonful =15ml
~ DDx =differential Diagnosis
Tx =Treatment
RTx =Radiotherapy
CTx =Chemotherapy
R/O =rule out
s.p =status post
PMH(x) =post medical history
Px =Prognosis
Ix =Indication
CIx =contraindication
Bx =biopsy
Cx =complication…

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