Why a Person Feel Happy

There are four hormones that release a person to feel happy:
1 Endorphins

  1. Dopamine
  2. Serotonin
    4.Oxytocin The feeling of happiness in us is due to these four hormones, so it is important to know about these four hormones.

(1) The first hormone is endorphins.
When we exercise, our body releases endorphins to deal with pain so we can enjoy the exercise. Besides, when we watch comedy, read jokes, this hormone is also produced in our body. So for the dose of this happy hormone we should exercise at least 20 minutes daily and watch some jokes and comedy videos etc.

(2) ▪Another hormone is dopamine:
In the journey of life, we complete many small and big tasks, when we complete a task, our body releases dopamine. And that makes us happy.
When we are praised for our work at the office or at home, we feel successful and good, this feeling is due to dopamine.
Now you can understand why women are generally not happy doing housework because no one appreciates housework.
Whenever we buy a new mobile, car, new house, new clothes or anything, dopamine is released from our body and we feel happy.
Now, you must understand why we feel happy after shopping.

( 3) Third hormone Serotonin:
When we do something for the benefit of others, serotonin is released from within us and awakens a feeling of happiness.
Providing useful information on the internet, conveying good information to people, answering people’s questions on blogs, Quora and Facebook, inviting people to Islam or their good thoughts, all of these produce serotonin and make us feel happy.

( 4) The fourth hormone is oxytocin:
It is released from our body when we get close to other human beings.
When we shake hands or hug our friends, the body releases oxytocin.
It really works like the magic cover of the movie ‘Mannabhai’. When we hold someone in our arms, oxytocin is released and the feeling of happiness is created.

Being happy is very easy:
We have to exercise every day to get endorphins.
We have to complete small tasks to earn dopamine.
Serotonin is to be gained by helping others.
Finally, get your oxytocin by cuddling your kids, spending time with family, and seeing friends.

That way we will be happy. And when we start being happy, we will find it easier to deal with our problems and challenges.
Now you must have understood why it is important to hug the baby immediately if he is in a bad mood.
Be happy. Keep sharing the happiness. ☺️

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